How Losing an Arm Made Rick Allen a Better Drummer

March 12, 2020

Rick Allen, the legendary drummer of the Hall of Fame rock band Def Leppard, took us back to that night in 1984 where he lost an arm in a car accident.

"At first it was really hard just trying to get my head around how I was going to move forward.  

"[But> the information for being able to express myself in terms of drumming was in my head, and in some miraculous way, all that information channeled its way out to the three limbs I had left." 

He also dished on the resurgence of many '80s bands -- like Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi and Poison -- and how he now presents his art to the world.  

How cool is this ----!! Legendary @defleppard drummer Rick Allen talks accident, art and the ‘80s with Rod. Full -- at

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His art is now being featured at Wentworth Gallery, with shows being held on March 13 at Westfield Montgomery Mall and March 14 at Tyson's Galleria.

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