You Can Get Your Dunkin’ Iced Coffee in a Beer Now

April 5, 2019

Dunkin’ coffee has developed a devoted army of fans, and if you’re one of the chain’s many acolytes, good news: You’ll be able to start and end your work days this summer with some of their iced coffee.

Dunkin’ is teaming up with Boston brewery Harpoon to make the summer coffee pale ale. The quaffable, hoppy ale is actually the second collaboration between Dunkin’ and Harpoon. Back in October the two New England standbys got together to make Harpoon Dunkin’ Coffee Porter. They were so pleased with how that one turned out that they decided they had to do it again.

And while Heavier porters and stouts tend to be the normal domain of coffee in beer, this summery brew ought to provide a nice counterpoint to what we’ve come to expect from coffee beers. Plus, at only five percent alcohol by volume, you’ll be able to have a few of them. Harpoon co-founder and CEO Dan Kenary describes it as “a delicious beer—hoppy and vibrant with a nice coffee character.” Just the sort of thing that belongs in your cooler during a barbecue, poolside on a hot day or available after a long workout in a pair of your Dunkin’ x Saucony running shoes.

Dunkin’ and Harpoon even have a few food suggestions to pair along with the coffee ale. They suggest eating something with big, spicy flavors like smoked coffee rubbed brisket or chipotle chicken tacos. That all sounds good to us.

The beer will available on tap and in cans widely across the Eastern US all summer long.