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Metro Police Officer Calms Frantic Autistic Boy on Trip Home

July 23, 2019

A Metro Transit Police officer last week escorted a frantic autistic boy and his mother on their entire commute after the boy had a “meltdown” in the middle of their trip home. 

Taylor Pomilla said in a Facebook post she picked her son, Andrew, up from school and headed toward the Metro for their 45-minute commute to Ballston. She said she always has an iPad and snacks or candy with her in the event Andrew became upset. 

During their commute, Andrew was adamant about standing in the middle of the train and running back and forth through the car. After Andrew refused to sit for 20 minutes, he rolled on the floor and threw his shoe across the train, Pomilla wrote. He started to pull her hair, prompting them to get off the train at Gallery Place.

“Sometimes Andrews emotions just become too much for him to mentally work through, but when people start staring and Andrew notices, he takes this as opportunity to put on a show,” the post said. 

For 15 minutes, Andrew refused to get back on the train and rolled around on the station floor. Pomilla wrote she began to cry out of frustration. 

When the officer approached Andrew, he froze and after learning about the situation said he would join the pair on the train. 

He spoke to Andrew about his gadgets and badge, and showed him Instagram filters and funny videos until they arrived at the Ballston station, Pomilla wrote. 

“This officer COMPLETELY went out of his way to help Andrew,” Pomilla said in the post. “He honestly restored my faith that there are good people still left in the world.”

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