D.C.'s Fourth Of July Events Cost $1.7 Million

July 10, 2019

The Fourth of July events throughout D.C. cost the city $1.7 million dollars, depleting the city’s security fund. 

In a letter sent to President Donald Trump, Mayor Muriel Bowser said the lack of funds for the District’s Emergency Planning and Security Fund is the result of “your additional July 4th holiday activities and subsequent first amendment demonstrations.” 

The Washington Post first reported the contents of Bowser’s letter.

The EPSF was established to provide public safety at events and support to immediate terrorist threats, attacks or requests from the Secret Service.

The fund’s overages, which according to Bowser exceed $6 million, are the result of declining reserves, increased demand for more security and a one-time cost of $7.3 million to cover security for the 2017 inauguration. 

“It is critical that the EPSF is fully reimbursed for these funds to ensure the District can uphold proper security and support during the remainder of the fiscal year without incurring a deficit for federal activities,” Bowser wrote. 

Bowser said federal assistance is necessary so that D.C. residents aren’t required to help pay for the federal expenses. 

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