This is how to navigate new bus lanes.

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Here’s The Deal on D.C.'s New Bus Lanes

June 3, 2019

By Cameron Jenkins

D.C. has offically implemented new bus lanes and they are to be taken seriously.

The lanes, painted in bright red paint and scripted with the words "Bus Only", opened Monday for rush hour use.

They are to be restricted to metro buses, charter buses, school buses, bikes, and taxis, according to the Washington Post.

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Mayor Bowser made it clear that the new lanes are to help promote metro bus efficiency during the height of road congestion and rush hour.

The lanes are part of a pilot program that will run from Monday through September 27.

Violaters of the new bus lane rules could receive fine of up to $200.

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New lanes are expected to be added to K and 14th streets as well, WTOP reported.

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