Led Zeppelin's 'Houses of the Holy' Album Cover Now Permitted on Facebook

June 21, 2019

After initially banning the album cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of the Holy,” Facebook has reversed its decision because the cover is “culturally significant.”

The cover features several naked bodies climbing over rocks, but at the time of its decision to ban the cover, the social media site said it featured sensitive content.

Leonard Platteborze, who started a petition to keep the photo posted, wrote that Facebook said the post went against its policy on nudity or sexual activity.

“What is more important than my personal regard and love of this album is stopping censorship of speech or art all over the world, especially here in America,” the petition said.

In an email to The Drive, a Facebook spokeswoman said it’s restoring the posts it removed sharing the album cover.

“As our Community Standards explain, we don’t allow nude images of children on Facebook, but we know this is a culturally significant image,” the spokeswoman said. “Therefore, we’re restoring the posts we removed.”.

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