Scammers Are More Frequently Pretending To Call You From The Government

July 8, 2019

More scammers are increasingly pretending to call you from the U.S. government. 

About 1.3 million people have filed reports about scammers claiming they work for the government since 2014, according to Federal Trade Commission data. It’s the most common type of fraud reported to the agency. 

In May, the FTC recorded 46,600 complaints from people who received phone calls from scammers saying they worked for the Social Security Administration or Internal Revenue Service. Some people received calls saying their social security numbers have been suspended or they could be arrested because they owe the government tax money.

Nearly 6 percent of people lose money in a government imposter scam, the FTC said. 

The FTC said consumers should be suspicious when receiving a random phone call from someone claiming to work for the government. 

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