A Virginia teen wants to help prevent child deaths related to hot cars.

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One Teen Seeks to End Heat-Related Car Deaths

July 17, 2019

One Virginia teen has made it her mission to reduce child deaths in her state, specifically those caused by leaving a child in a hot car.

Hannah Rhudy created BabyIn BabyOut hang tags as a reminder for parents to make sure they never leave their children in the car, according to The Associated Press.

The tags, meant to hang from the rearview mirror, feature a hot pink side that says "baby in" and has a statistic warning parents that it only takes 10 minutes for cars to become hot enough to kill an infant.

The flip side of the tag is bright green and reads "baby out".

Ruhdy says she hopes that the tags will encourage parents to safely remove their child from the car and avoid tradgedy.

“I thought that was a great way to get the message across,” she told Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Tags are currently available free of charge on her website.

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