Amazon will offer free one-day shipping to Prime customers.

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Free One-Day Shipping Is Just On The Horizon For Amazon Prime Customers

April 26, 2019

Amazon Prime customers will now have the opportunity to get one-day shipping All. The. Time.

And the company has decided to invest about $800 million to do so.

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"We’re able to do this because we’ve spent 20+ years expanding our fulfillment and logistics network," Amazon spokesperson Julie Law told WIAD in an email.  "But this is still a big investment in our customer experience." 

The goal is to offer free one-day shipping as Amazon Prime's default shipping method opposed to the current two-day shipping norm, Law said.

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"We’ve taken a significant step, and it will take some time to achieve," the spokesperson said. "We want to ensure a good delivery experience for customers as we evolve this offer," Law said.

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