D.C. residents may be able to start writing parking tickets.

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Your Next Parking Ticket Could Be Issued By Your Neighbor

May 13, 2019

By Cameron Jenkins

Imagine approaching your parked car only to find that you have received a ticket. Now imagine how you would feel if the ticket was issued by your fellow Washingtonian.

This senario could become the new norm in D.C. if Councilman Charles Allen has his way, Fox 5 reported.

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In addition to other traffic enforcement measures, a citizen task force or Citizen Safety Enforcement Pilot Program has been proposed.

The program, according to Allen, would begin small.

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“Just 10 people per ward to be trained, make sure that they’re ready to go,” Allen told Fox 5.

Instead of a police officer, a person who has been trained by the program would be able to snap a picture of illegally parked vehicles and have them ticketed.

"When they see a vehicle that is blocking a bike lane, blocking the crosswalk, blocking a fire hydrant, they would have the ability using an app on their phone to be able to take a picture," Allen said.

The bill is set to be debated in upcoming hearings, according to Fox 5.

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