Cherry Blossoms

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

Cherry Blossoms are Closer to Peak Bloom as Festival Starts Wednesday

March 19, 2019

The weather around the DMV is finally warming up, which means the District’s cherry blossoms are getting closer to reaching peak bloom.

Friday’s spring-like temperatures enabled the blossoms to reach stage two of six. The last stage is peak bloom, which this year is expected to be April 3-6.

“Friday’s warm temperature gave the cherry blossoms the boost they needed to reach stage two of the #BloomWatch - florets visible!” the National Park Service said on Twitter.

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Peak bloom occurs when 70 percent of blossoms are open.

The cherry blossom festival will begin Wednesday and run through April 14.

D.C.’s cherry blossom pub, which has a cocktail menu inspired by Japanese culture, will be open through April 21.

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