American Legion Bridge Project Could Cut Commute Times In Half

November 12, 2019

Photo Courtesy Of Maryland Department Of Transportation


Maryland and Virginia are collaborating to replace the American Legion Bridge in a project that officials from both states anticipate will improve congestion and commute times.
The bridge, which the states said has been operating beyond its capacity for about 40 years, will now feature bike and pedestrian walkways across the Potomac River and boast new express lanes. 

The existing lanes in each direction across the Potomac will be replaced, and the express lanes will be introduced between the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Virginia and River Road in Maryland. 

Both Maryland and Virginia will pay for the project, according to a news release. 

“A new bridge means commuters will get to work and back home faster,” said Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in a statement. “Our teams have identified a way to fix one of the worst traffic hot spots in the country. This demonstrates what can get done when leaders come together to find shared solutions to tough regional problems.”

Officials said the construction will cut some commute times in half.

About 235,000 vehicles use the bridge daily. 

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