Arlington County Implements New E-Scooter Regulations

November 18, 2019
Arlington County can prepare for some new e-scooter rules.

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If you're a fan of scooters and bikeshares, get ready to abide by some new rules.

Arlington County is cracking down on how fast you can ride the motorized scooters and bikes and where you can ride them. New rules state that e-scooter and bike share companies must include a speedomter for riders to measure their speed.

Those who choose to take an e-scooter or motorized bike will be limited to riding at a max speed of 15 mph and 20 mph respectively. In addition, bikes and scooters will only be allowed to go 6mph on sidewalks and will be banned from certain high foot-traffic areas.

Both scooters and bikes will also be required to be parked near light posts, standing signs, or in specified racks in order to unclutter sidewalks.

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