Say Goodbye To Tokens And The Band At Chuck E. Cheese

November 18, 2019
Chuck E. Cheese is making some changes.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


Tokens? Iconic robot band? Chuck E. Cheese is chucking it all. In an attempt to create a more modern look the children’s entertainment center.

Over 80 locations are going to swap out the band for an interactive light up dance floor and tokens for "All You Can Play" wristbands or cards.

 “As we move forward, we believe our live Chuck E. experience provides the best entertainment value for kids, who have higher expectations of realism and special effects,”  CEC’s Entertainment chief executive Tom Leverton told CBS in 2017 at the first announcement of a remodel.

The nostalgic tokens and animatronic band will remain at select locations until remodeling is completed so you may want to get your fill of them while you can.

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