Ohio Woman Faces Felony Charges For Attempting To Self-Euthanize Dogs

October 8, 2019
A woman was arrested after trying to euthanize her dogs with insulin.

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An Ohio woman is facing felony charges after it was discovered that she attempted to euthanize her dogs with an insulin injection. She said that she did not have money to take them to the veterinarian at the time.

Forty-four year-old Tisha Lynn, who is a resident of Navarre Ohio, was faced with a decision after her 7-year-old German Shepard, Missy and her about 6-year-old Shepard mix Zeke got into a fight with another dog within the trailer park community where she lived and caused sufficient phyiscal damage. The manager of the park told her to euthanize her two dogs within 24 hours and provide photo proof, Cleveland 19 reports.

Knowing that she was unable to afford a veterinary procedure for both pets, Lynn began to research ways that she could self-euthanize the dogs at home. She decided to inject them with 30 units of Novolog 70/30 insulin. Police got in on the situation when they were called Village Clean Laundromat following reports that a woman was "acting off," according to the police report.

Upon arrival an officer noted that Lynn was "visibly upset" and "crying". She then invited the officer back to her home to check on the dogs, which were acting normally at the time, according to a police report Fox 5 reported.

The officer called The Stark County Humane Society to have the dog's health checked. In transport Zeke began to convulse and later passed away after arriving at the emergency veterinary clinic.

Lynn was charged with two counts of prohibition concerning companion animals -- a fifth-degree felony -- and booked at Stark County jail on $25,000 bond.

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