Netflix could lose Friends and more.

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'Friends' Could Leave Netflix in the Very Near Future

April 25, 2019

The recent surge in newly developed movie and TV streaming services could cause issues for Netflix.

Companies have begun pulling their content from the streaming platform and the latest casualty may be "Friends".

WarnerMedia, the owner of Friends, is launching a streaming service and could decide to pull "Friends" from Netflix, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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Fan outrage over the sitcom possibly leaving Neflix was made clear in December when it was rumored to be leaving the service in January 2019.

Netflix reportedly paid $100 million to maintain licensing for the show throughout the end of this year.

Following the end of the contract, WanerMedia can decide whether or not the show will continue to stream on the platform.

Fans have already begun to express their discontent.

"Friends & The Office could be leaving Netflix (according to @WSJ). So, I will be starting my own service that ONLY streams Friends & The Office. Please venmo me $20ish dollars to subscribe," @_chlomar tweeted.

“Friends” is leaving Netflix in 2021. I’m not panicking! I just need to find every season on DVD before it happens! --" @producerdevan tweeted.

Despite that, Neflix executives aren't worried.

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Chief Executive Reed Hastings said the streaming service has been anticipating the move, People reported.

“We are eager to have more and more of our money to be able to do spectacular new titles,” he said.

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