1.5 Million People Received Speed Camera Tickets in Maryland Last Year

May 15, 2019

paulcraven / Getty Images

Be careful how quickly you’re driving in Maryland.

The state earned about $64 million in revenue from the more than 1.5 million people who were ticketed from a speed camera last year. Forty-five jurisdictions in Maryland used speed monitoring systems in 2018 , AAA found.

Drivers in Montgomery County were ticketed the most, contributing nearly $16 million in speed camera fines to the statewide total. The county issued almost 400,000 tickets last year.

Speed violations are typically $40 and charged to “modify bad driving habits or to compel some motorists to drive with a halo around their heads when they are within range of a speed camera,” said John Townsend II, AAA’s Mid-Atlantic’s spokesman.

Here are the full revenue rankings by county:

Montgomery County - $15,954,868

City of Baltimore - $9.6 million

Prince George's County - $6,894,036

Baltimore County - $5,651,371

College Park - $2,724,254

Gaithersburg - $2,174,823

Rockville - $1,811,724

Laurel - $1,427,991

Charles County - $1,407,500

Salisbury - $1,325,771

Takoma Park - $1,244,994

Howard County - $1,190,187

There are about 300 speed cameras located through D.C., according to the Department of Transportation.

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