Maryland and Virginia Could Pay Billions to Combat Rising Sea Levels

July 5, 2019
This is how climate change will affect the DMV in our pockets.

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It's clear that climate change is more of a now than later issue.

The Center for Climate Integrity recently conducted a survey proving just that.

The study shows that by 2040 states across the U.S. will need to shell out billions in construction costs to protect coastal cities from rising sea levels.

States projected to pay the most include Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, California, South Carolina, and Texas.

Costs in Virgina are projected to total over $31 million.  Projected costs reach over $27 million for Maryland.

The costs are associated with construction of seawalls for various coastal cities.

Accomack County ($4.9 Billion), Northumberland County ($2.3 Billion), Mathews County ($2.2 Billion), Gloucester County ($2.1 Billion), and Lancaster County ($1.9 Billion) are expected to be the most costly for Virginia.

And Dorchester County ($6.5 Billion), Somerset County ($3.1 Billion), Worcester County ($2.7 Billion), St. Mary's County ($2.6 Billion), and Talbot County ($2.4 Billion) are expected to be the most costly in Maryland.

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