The Morning Drive: Anti-Sex Toilets, Fish Rage, Live Frogs

August 20, 2019

File Image - Linas Toleikis / Getty Images


Happy Tuesday DMV! It's National Radio Day! Start your day with Jason Kidd and Corinna Delgado. Here are today's top headlines. 

Florida Man Gets Antsy In McDonald's Drive-Thru

McDonald's didn't get a Florida man's filet-o-fish order correct, so he took his anger out on another car. The man reportedly used a shopping cart to hit another vehicle. 

Welsh Town Debuts Anti-Sex Toilets

A Welsh town has plans to use anti-sex toilets that aim to avoid people having sex inside. Each toilet will total about $200,000. 

Frog Found In Boxed Salad

A family in Wisconsin found a live frog in their boxed salad mix. A woman recorded the frog making its way around the box. 

Woman Burned Clown In Backyard

A New Jersey woman was surprised when Pennywise the clown made its way into her backyard. After discovering it, she burned the object. 

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