The Morning Drive: Dating Costs, Ethiopia Trees, Bay Biscuits

August 1, 2019

Happy Thursday, DMV! You're almost through the work week. Nothing goes better with your morning coffee than The Morning Drive! Here are today's top headlines. 

More Than 200 Million Trees Planted In Ethiopia In A Day

There were more than 200 million trees planted in a day in Ethiopia this week, which officials anticipate will set a new world record. The project was aimed at renovating the country's land, which has been impacted by climate change.

New Mustard Ice Cream Released

French's said it plans to roll out limited-edition mustard ice cream. The product will be part of a partnership with Coolhaus Ice Cream. It will be released Aug. 3, which is National Mustard Day. 

Dating Is Too Expensive For Some Millennials

About 30 percent of millennials said they can't pursue relationships because of their finances, according to a new Match study. Experts say first dates have evolved to become more detailed and costly.

Gluten-Free Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix Will Be Offered By Red Lobster

Customers can purchase the gluten-free mix at Walmarts across the country. 

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