The Morning Drive: Disney, Cameras, Sharks

August 7, 2019

Happy Wednesday, DMV! You're halfway through the week! Start your day with The Morning Drive! Here are today's top headlines.

An Active Sex Life Could Help You After A Heart Attack

Having an active sex life increases long-term survival rates following a heart attack, according to a new American Journal of Medicine report. Sex after the heart attack was found to be beneficial with regard to life span. 

New Disney Bundle Competes With Netflix

The company will reportedly offer a $12.99 streaming bundle that includes Disney, ESPN and Hulu. The hashtag #RIPNETFLIX was trending on social media Tuesday. 

Montgomery County Official Questions Deal For Bus Cameras

Montgomery County's inspector general is questioning the deal that resulted in cameras being placed on school buses. The cameras were installed at no cost to the school system. 

Video Footage Shows Sharks Feeding

A woman caught footage of four sharks feeding in Myrtle Beach. Everyone was forced to leave the water after they were spotted, according to the report.

Man Circumcised By Accident

A 70-year-old man who went to the hospital for a procedure on his bladder received a circumcision by mistake. He reached a settlement with the hospital.

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