The Morning Drive: Highway Plane Landing, Hot Dog Ice Cream, Would You Unplug For $1000?

August 2, 2019
An officer caught a plane landing on the highway on his dashcam.

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Happy Friday! Get your morning started with these top headlines with Jason and Corinna!

Oscar Mayer Debuts Hot Dog Ice Cream

It's an interesting combination to say the least. The new Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich will have all of the trappings of your typical ice cream sandwich, but will include hot dog-infused sweet cream,  spicy dijon-infused gelato and candied hot dog pieces.

You Could Win $1000 For Unplugging For A Weekend 

Would you start a digital detox for a cool thousand? is offering a free three-day vacation to Joshua Tree National Park and a $1000 cash prize. The only catch is that you have to remain completely tech free for at least two of the three days. 

Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Highway

One State Trooper caught the entire ordeal on his dash cam. Thankfully, no one was injured.

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