The Morning Drive: Instagram, More Baby Shark, California City Says Goodbye to Gendered Language

July 19, 2019
"Baby Shark" song is used as a deterant from a Florida park.

Leon Neal / Getty Images


Happy Friday DMV! Celebrate the end of the week with some of the top headlines with Jason and Corinna!

Instagram is Removing Likes

In a new trial, the social media platform seeks to reduce the pressure of comparing likes among its users. Posts will no longer show the exact number of likes to all followers, but instead will list one follower "and others" liked a post. Users will still be able to access a list of who liked their posts, but it will be unavailable to their followers.

Florida Parks and Recreation Play "Baby Shark" On Loop to Keep People Out of Park

It turns out the catchy children's tune is being used to prevent trespassing. A waterfront park in West Palm Beach, Florida is playing the song on repeat throughout the night to "discourage congregating" and "encourage people to seek safer, more appropriate shelter through the many resources that are available," according to West Palm Beach communications director Kathleen Walter.

California City Will Get Rid of Gendered Language

If you ever get tired of hearing words like "manhole", "policeman" and "chairwoman", you're not alone. The city of Berkeley, California is replacing all words associated with gender preference with gender-neutral words in it's city code. The new documents will also use gender neutral pronouns.

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