The Morning Drive: Madonna, Disneyland Brawl, Rain Damage in D.C.

July 9, 2019

Happy Tuesday, DMV! Jason Kidd and Corinna Delgado have your news and music on your morning commute! Here are some of the morning's top headlines. 

Monday's D.C. Rain Sets New Record

About 15 people had to be rescued from their cars after being caught in high water, and the 4 inches of rain in an hour broke a record from 1958. The rain even soaked some Metro stations and trains. 

Check Out This Fight at Disneyland 

A video showing a brawl between two men and two women at Disneyland surfaced Monday. The fight reportedly occured Sunday, and the video shows children watching the battle unfold. Watch the full video here.

PETA wants Idaho's Chicken Dinner Road To Be Renamed

PETA requested that an Idaho town change the name of the local Chicken Dinner Road. The organization wants the name changed to recognize chickens as animals rather than a meal.

Madonna Slots Coming To A Casino Near You

Find out here whether the slot machines, which play Madonna's music, will be available in your neighborhood.

It's Cow Appreciation Day

For you, that means a free entree if you're dressed like a cow.

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