The Morning Drive: 'Old Town Road,' Trains, Dirty Diapers

August 21, 2019

Happy Wednesday DMV! Start your day with The Morning Drive! Here are today's top headlines. 

'Old Town Road' Leaves Top Spot 

The Lil Nas X hit "Old Town Road" was No. 1 in the charts for 19 straight weeks. But it didn't reach 20, courtesy of Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy." 

Driver Threw Dirty Diaper Out Window

A driver in Indiana threw a dirty diaper out of the window. The diaper landed on a police vehicle and resulted in a littering citation.

MARC Trains Between West Virginia and D.C. Area In Jeopardy

MARC trains connecting commuters between West Virginia and the D.C. area are in jeopardy if a $3.5 million fee isn't paid. 

Small Creatures Left Behind Living On Moon

The April moon spacecraft crash left several micro-animals on the moon. It seems the animals are able to live in the environment. 

New "Matrix" Film Coming

A new "Matrix" is coming and will feature Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. 

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