The Morning Drive: School, Gas Explosion, Amazon Fires

August 26, 2019

Happy Monday DMV! Kick start your week with Jason Kidd and Corinna Delgado! Here are today's top headlines. 

Officials Warn Drivers As Schools Begin To Open

D.C. and Northern Virginia officials are warning drivers to watch their speeds and distance to school buses as local schools reopen this week. Drivers should also leave enough distance between their car and bike riders.

Maryland Office Building Ruined In Gas Explosion

A gas explosion caused so much damage to a Columbia, Maryland, office building that officials anticipate it will likely be totaled. There weren't any injuries reported in the Sunday morning incident. 

Record-Breaking Fires Rage In Amazon Rainforest

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is experiencing record-breaking fires, and scientists are warning about what this could mean for climate change.

Dairy Queen In South Carolina Says Their Burgers Don't Have Human Flesh

A Dairy Queen in South Carolina says its hamburgers don't have human flesh. A raid at one of the chain's restaurants prompted some customers to wonder about the burger's ingredients. 

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