The Morning Drive: Super Pokemon Go Gamer, License Confiscation, Pumpkin Spice Spam

August 16, 2019
One man played Pokemon Go on 8 different phones.

Jean Chung / Stringer / Getty Images


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Dedicated Gamer Played Pokemon Go On 8 Phones While Parked On Highway

One driver takes his video games very seriously. He was found parked on the shoulder of State Route 518 in Washington State, engaging in eight simultaneous games of Pokemon Go. State Trooper Rick Johnson informed him that highway shoulders are for emergency situations and he was sent on his way.

Pumpkin Spice Spam Is A Thing

Just when you thought they ran out of foods to add pumkin spice to, enter pumpkin spice...Spam.  Beginning Sepetember 23, you can purchase it at your local 
Walmart or online. The cinnamon and nutmeg spiced meat mashup will pair perfectly with waffles, according to a Hormel Foods spokesperson.

Nearly 8,000 Maryland Drivers Could Lose Their Licenses. Don't Be One Of Them.

The state has recalled IDs in order to comply with Real ID law by 2020. All 8,000 drivers who were notified by the MVA need to provide additional paperwork in accordance with stricter federal security laws. Those who have not can be pulled over by police and have their licenses confiscated and be required to turn in the proper paperwork at the MVA.

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