The Morning Drive: Tarantula Migration, Octopus Bite, Udderly Surprising Proposal

August 9, 2019
Colorado tarantula migration is set for August.

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Happy Friday, DMV! What better way to kick off the weekend than with a bit of news? Jason and Corinna have you covered with today's top headlines:

Thousands Of Tarantulas Will Crawl Their Way Across Colorado

From August to October, you can watch Oklahoma brown tarantulas migrate through La Junta, Colorado in search of a mate. The spiders are expected to occupy highways as they make their journey to the grasslands of Colorado.

One Woman Was Udderly Surprised By This Proposal

Sliding an engagement ring onto a teat of a cow could be viewed as unique or just plain weird. A facebook group called “That’s it I’m Ring Shaming” opted for the latter when it came across an engagement post by a dairy farmer.

Watch This Crab Invasion

The crabs have taken over Florida. A local resident recorded blue land crabs scurrying across an intersection.

Who Knew An Octopus Could Bite?

Jamie Bisceglia found out that the cephlopods can pack a powerful bite when she attempted to win a photo contest by placing an octopus on her face. The octopus suctioned to her face and bit her twice, causing a trip to the ER.

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