The Morning Drive: Tom Brady, Pain Tolerance and Uber Skittles

July 23, 2019

Happy Tuesday DMV! Nothing pairs with your first cup of coffee better than 94.7 The Drive! Sit back, relax and catch up on the day's top headlines with Jason Kidd and Corinna Delgado.

Horse Kicks Man Wearing Speedo in Crotch

It wasn't a great day for the man in the Speedo. Catch the video of the incident below.

Tom Brady Cliff Video Prompts Criticism

New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady was criticized after posting a video of him and his daughter on the edge of a cliff. Brady holds his daughter's hand and jumps into the water with her. Social media users wondered why the NFL star would jump off the edge with his young daughter. 

If You're in Pain, Use The F-Bomb More Frequently

Next time you're in pain, consider using an F-bomb. A new study from experts in the United Kingdom suggests using the F-bomb while in pain could increase pain tolerance up to 33 percent. The report cites a 2009 study. 

Ocean City Might Get More Expensive 

The room tax guests pay in Ocean City, Maryland could increase to 5 percent beginning in 2020. The proposal will be discussed at an Aug. 20 hearing. 

DMV Cracks List of Most Educated Cities 

Washington, Arlington and Alexandria cracked the list of America's 10 most-educated cities, according to a new study. Visalia-Porterville, California was named the least educated. 

Woman Fined $100 For Allegedly Spilling Skittles in Uber 

A woman claims Uber fined her $100 after she spilled Skittles in the back of the car. According to a report, about 20 pieces of candy ended up on the car's floor. 

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