The Morning Drive: 'Water Bears' In Space, Vaping Hazards, DC Traffic Is Really Bad

August 23, 2019
An Israeli lunar lander spread tardigrades across the moon in a crash landing.

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Happy Friday, DMV! Start your morning off the right way with today's top headlines.

Microscopic 'Water Bears' Are Spilled Across The Moon's Surface

Following a crash landing on the moon, Beresheet lunar lander left a small disc which included thousands of resilient micro-organisms called tardigrades. The incident has sparked a debate about spreading life on planets beyond Earth.

Vaping Could Be Limiting Your Blood Flow

A study by Radiology has shown that using an e-cigarette, even nicotine-free, even one time has the potential to damage blood vessles. Participants in the study suffered reduced blood flow for up to an hour after they took 16 puffs of a vape pen.

DC Traffic Monopolizes More Than 100 Hours Of Your Time In A Year

Yes, traffic is really that bad. A new study shows the average car commuter in the District spends an average of 102 hours in traffic a year.

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