Toxic Algae In Montgomery County Lakes Can Kill Pets

August 14, 2019
An algae bloom in a Montgomery County lake has been proven deadly for dogs.

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Taking a dip in a lake could prove deadly for pets in Montgomery County.

Two lakes in Rock Creek Regional Park have tested positived for the toxin microcystin, which is produced by blue-green algae.

The toxin has appeared often throughout the summer months and is known to cause liver damage in pets as well as their owners if consumed in large amounts.

Montgomery Parks issued a notice warning park goers to avoid contact with the lake water.

Preventative measures are outlined in a press release as follows:

  • Avoid direct contact with water while boating or fishing
  • Swimming is prohibited in lakes at all times
  • Keep dogs on leash (as is regularly required at the park), and do not allow them to drink or be in contact with the water
  • Wash hands thoroughly prior to eating, drinking, or smoking if someone comes in contact with the water
  • Only eat properly cooked muscle meat of fish that are caught in the lake

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