Amazon Opens Cashierless Grocery Store

February 25, 2020

The year 2020 was supposed to have flying cars, robot maids and all of the innovations from the Jetsons.

So far, the closest we've come is the Roomba and now Amazon's cashierless grocery store.

Amazon recently opened Amazon Go Grocery.

This grocery store of the future allows shoppers to "take what you want, and just walk out," according to it's FAQ page.

The idea is that all shoppers will download the Amazon Go app prior to shopping at the store, go in and grab what they need, then leave.

Through the app, items customers remove from shelves inside of the store are monitored and then added to a virtual shopping cart.

Customers also have the option to return items to the shelves, which will also remove the item from the virtual cart.

And instead of waiting in a line to purchase items or ringing them up themselves, each customer will recieve an automated bill to their Amazon account after leaving the store.

Amazon previously unveiled the Go format with smaller conveinece stores, similar to 7-eleven.

Now the full service grocery store complete with produce and bakery is open in Seattle.

Who knows, maybe it'll transition into the DMV sooner than we think.

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