Local Distillers Produce Hand Sanitizer During Shortage

March 20, 2020
A local distillery is doing its part.

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Hand sanitizer shortages are currently spaning several grocery and convience stores aross D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

One local distillery is stepping in to help out.

McClintock Distilling has taken the initiative to help the greater community in Frederick, Maryland by shifting its usual production of alcohol to create hand sanitizer.

“We’re already built to produce large quantities of this,” Braeden Bumbers, co-founder of McClintock Distilling, said. “So really, the only things that we needed to do was just blend it with these other ingredients.”

The distillery usually produces gin, whiskey, and vodka, but now it is taking the steps to combine the alcohol with glycerin and hydrogen peroxide.

The result will be hand sanitizer that the distillery plans to donate to local medical facilities and eventually the larger community of Frederick, Maryland.

“While there’s still shortages, we just want to keep producing, keep donating, keeping people safe here in Frederick,” Bumbers said.

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