Montgomery County Contemplating Cameras To Catch You Texting And Driving

December 6, 2019
Montgomery County could introduce cameras to monitor distracted driving.

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Montgomery County officials are looking to give you another reason to avoid texting and driving. Council member Tom Hucker introduced an idea to have highway cameras installed that would potentially catch drivers using their phones while behind the wheel.

The program would work similarly to red-light cameras in that it would capture the driver using a device inside their vehicle, be reviewed, and then send a fine in the mail. Huker has received some pushback suggesting that this type of monitoring would be an invasion of privacy.

“There’s no expectation of privacy when you’re in a public place,” Hucker said. “The bottom line is we have far too many serious crashes.”

Council member Will Jawanto brought up potential issues of racial profiling and unjustified targeting.

“There are serious, serious privacy concerns here,”Jawando said. “I think this is a really dangerous path to go down.”

A meeting was held Monday, in which the council decided not to take a positon on the bill until January.

“All we’re doing is asking the state to give us the authority to debate this,” Hucker said. “There’s no rational argument why we shouldn’t seek authority so we can actually decide whether we want to do this or not.”

Sen. Jeff Waldstreicher is set to introduce Hucker's bill in Annapolis.

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