Swearing In Public Was Just Decriminalized In Virginia

January 31, 2020
Virginia is getting rid of law that makes swearing in public a crime.

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Soon you may be able to let one fly without consequences in Virginia.

The House of Delegates recently voted to amend a bill that made it illegal to curse in public.

The bill once deemed the action to be a Class 4 misdemeanor to along with public intoxication, which would result in a fine of a maxium of $250.

It now reads "If any Any person profanely curses or swears or who is intoxicated in public, whether such intoxication results from alcohol, narcotic drug, or other intoxicant or drug of whatever nature, he shall be deemed is guilty of a Class 4 misdemeanor. In any area in which there is located a court-approved detoxification center, a law-enforcement officer may authorize the transportation, by police or otherwise, of public inebriates to such detoxification center in lieu of arrest; however, no person shall be involuntarily detained in such center."

Finally, Virginians breathe a bit easier.

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