Your Car May Get Towed, Booted If You Have Too Many Speeding Tickets

November 20, 2019
A new bill would allow drivers with too many moving violations to get towed.

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Speed racers take notice. Accruing too many speeding tickets could result in a bigger conseqence than a simple fine.

A newly proposed bill from DC Council member Elissa Silverman would call for vehicles belonging to individuals who have received five speeding or red light tickets to be booted, towed, or impounded.

The Reckless Driver Accountability Act of 2019 would require all offenders to take a reckless driver course in order to have their vehicle returned and have all ticket counts reset to zero.

“Some drivers are egregious repeat offenders—toting up to tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of speeding tickets,”Silverman said. “They are a very real threat to not only pedestrians and cyclists but other drivers on the road. We need to get them to slow down, and this program has done just that in New York.”

Those who acquire three speeding tickets going 25 mph over the speed limit would be subject to having their vehicle booted or towed to be impounded as well. And camera tickets are included in the total.

Five Council members are currently in support of the bill. It would also allow drivers to be notified, after reaching four consecutive tickets, with the opportunity to take the course for a cost. 

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