Twisted Sister's Dee Snider Was Not Impressed With JLo And Shakira's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

February 4, 2020
Twisted Sister's lead singer Dee Snider was not a fan of Super Bowl LIV half time show.

Rob Kim / Stringer / Getty Images


While many praised this year's Super Bowl performance, which featured JLo and Shakira, for it's fun, inclusive and xyz approach, some including Twisted Sister's lead singer Dee Snider had other thoughts about the performance.

Snider tweeted his concerns citing that both women incorporated too much shaking for his taste.

"If that's the requirements for a half-time show, none of the rock bands I know can or will do that," Snider tweeted.

And while a fan chimmed in saying that Snider probably could climb a pole like JLo, Snider agreed but maintained his position on shaking.

"I refuse to shake my a** or let someone slap it on stage!" he tweeted.

Snider also mentioned that he would love to see more rock representation during future halftime shows.

"The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t sing “Hips Don’t Lie” when the won{*} They sang “We Are the Champions “ and “Fight for Your Right to Party!"

Do you agree with Snider or has he taken it too far?

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