Twitter is embracing the single life.

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Twitter Shares Several Reasons to Remain Single

June 10, 2019

Just in case you thought you were the only one struggling with your love life, Twitter is here to assure you there are several reasons to remain single.

On Monday the hashtag #reasonstostaysingle started trending.

Here are some of the most popular tweets:

"#ReasonsToStaySingle Being in a relationship doesn't always mean company and being single doesn't always mean loneliness," @elbloqueado tweeted.

"#ReasonsToStaySingle keeps ya mind at peace and your brain at ease," @NothingLikU tweeted.

"#ReasonsToStaySingle Heart stays intact. Only mood I have to deal with is mine. Can’t think of any rational reason not to stay single. My dog doesn’t argue," @unclefecal tweeted.

"since this is trending#ReasonsToStaySingle:
1. sleep like a starfish
2. extra cardio running from commitment
3. i take 3-5 business days to respond
4. no one looks at me the way i look at donuts
5. i didn't forward a chain email like 15 years ago so i'm def still cursed" @gabsmashh tweeted.

"1. Your finances stay intact. No taking on someone else’s debt or bad habits.

2. Nearly every married couple says, “I wish I hadn’t gotten married.”

3. You get the WHOLE bed to yourself!! #ReasonsToStaySingle --" 

"No one trying to share your food #ReasonsToStaySingle," @mrjafri tweeted.

"#ReasonsToStaySingle You don't have to share the remote,"@ElisMadison tweeted.

Twitter has spoken.

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