The Washington Monument will reopen in August 2019.

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The Washington Monument Will Re-Open in August

April 16, 2019

It has been two years since the Washington Monument shut its doors for maintenance.

Now, the monument will officially re-open in August, according to a recent statement from the National Park Service.

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The original closure was “due to the unreliability of the elevator control system," according to the 2016 report.

A temporary screening building, which was constructed in 2001, will be revamped with permanent facility. 

"The new glass and steel facility offer full ballistic and blast protection and includes queuing space for 18-20 visitors at a time," according to the statement.

And the elevators will recieve a much needed along upgraded control system complete with "remote access to the [system], located at the top of the monument, from the ground level."

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Final testing and certification is still needed before the opening, according to WTOP.

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