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"The Office" is now a children's book.

'The Office' Is Becoming A Children's Book

The NBC series that kept you laughing is hoping to pay it forward for the next generation. "The Office" is now taking on children's literature. In a recent tweet, The Office Twitter account introduced fans to the new book "The Office: A Day at Dunder Mifflin Elementary." A new generation of #... Read More
The National Children’s Museum has reopened.

National Children's Museum Reopens

The National Children's Museum is officially reopened. A new location opened at Reagan Building and International Trade Center on Monday. With new innovative exhibits including arts and tech, data science, and engineering, the museum is aiming to encourage children to embrace STEAM (science,... Read More
Amazon just created the first cashier-less grocery store.

Amazon Opens Cashierless Grocery Store

The year 2020 was supposed to have flying cars, robot maids and all of the innovations from the Jetsons. So far, the closest we've come is the Roomba and now Amazon's cashierless grocery store. Amazon recently opened Amazon Go Grocery. This grocery store of the future allows shoppers to "take what... Read More
Jeff Bezos is joining the fight to save the earth.

Jeff Bezos Commits $10 Billion To Fighting Climate Change

Amazon's founder and CEO is planning a huge contribution to saving the planet. Jeff Bezos recently pledged $10 billion towards the fight against climate change. Bezos made the announcement in an Instagram post on Monday. Today, I’m thrilled to announce I am launching the Bezos Earth Fund.⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣... Read More
Spend Presidents Day at this parade.

Old Town Alexandria Is Celebrating President's Day With A Parade

Old Town Alexandria is in the President's Day spirit. On Monday, February 17, The George Washington Birthday Parade will be held in Old Town Alexandria as a celebration of the nation's first president. The parade will begin at 1 p.m. and include music, performing arts, girl scouts troops, cub... Read More
Some of the Valentine's messages were nicer than others.

The Nationals Send Valentine's Day Cards To MLB Teams

The Nats spent Valentine's Day letting other MLB teams know that they are loved -- well more or less. Several Valentines were sent out on Twitter to various teams including the Angels, Rockies, Padres, Orioles, Tigers, Pirates, Rangers, Cubs, Cardinals and more. Check out the messages below: Dear @... Read More
You can now bring your pets in an Uber.

DC Uber Riders Can Now Bring Pets Along

D.C. pet lovers, Uber just made your dreams come true. Now, you can travel with your furry friends in the Uber ride of your choice. The ride sharing company's Uber Pet option allows pet owners to bring along at least one animal (others are at the discretion of the driver.) To bring a pet along will... Read More
Virginia ranked number one for rudest drivers in the U.S.

Virginia Has The Rudest Drivers

Many of us have thought it, but this study serves as confirmation: Virginia has the rudest drivers. Insurify had a team of data scientists examine the driving history of over 2 million insurance applications to determine which drivers in the U.S. had the rudest habits. Rude driving infractions were... Read More
A new museum could be headed to the National Mall.

A Women's History Museum Could Be Headed To The National Mall

There are already a ton of Smithsonian museums to visit within D.C., but with the passage of a new bill, a museum specifically dedicated to women's history could find its place on the National Mall. The Smithsonian Women's History Museum Act , which proposed a museum that "establishes in the... Read More