You can now bring your pets in an Uber.

DC Uber Riders Can Now Bring Pets Along

You can now Uber with your pet! Find out how.
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Taco Bell Cantina is causing serious mixed feelings.

Taco Bell Cantina Rumors Split Twitter

The news is spliting D.C. Twitter in two. Where do you stand on the Taco Bell Cantina debate.
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D.C. is one of the least lazy cities in the U.S., according to a study.

D.C. Is Ranked Among Least Lazy Cities In U.S.

According to a CDC survey, the District joins four other states in increased physical activity.
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Ice maze is headed to DC.

An Ice Maze Will Add To The Winter Enchantment Of CityCenter DC

Add this to your list of holiday adventures.
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The D.C. Circulator will no longer be free.

D.C. Circulator Ends Free Service

Fare will be $1 starting next month.
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Mopeds Could Become D.C.'s Latest Shared Transportation Option

Mopeds are coming to D.C. The District’s Department of Transportation said it will soon begin a four-month pilot program during which motor-driven cycles will be available on the streets of D.C. Mopeds will emerge as the latest mode of transportation as the city works to create new shared mobility...
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D.C. council is lookng to lift legal requirements for lemonade stands.

D.C. Council Member Took Lemons and Made Legal Lemonade

Brandon T. Todd introduced legislation allowing children to set up lemonade stands without obtaining a business license or permit.
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Snap a selfie here!

6 Best Places to Take a Selfie in D.C.

You are guaranteed to get the best selfies here!
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This is how to navigate new bus lanes.

Here’s The Deal on D.C.'s New Bus Lanes

Failure to heed the new lane rules could result in a $200 fine.
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H and L streets are getting bus lanes.

New Bus Lanes Are Coming to H and I Streets

The move hopes to increase effeciency of bus routes.
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