A water main break in Arlington is causing some buildings to go without water.

Parts Of Arlington Placed On Boil Water Advisory Following Water Main Break

Parts of D.C. were also affected by the water main break.
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Cocktails aligned in a row on a bar counter.

DC Cocktail Week Will Be Here Before You Know It

Here's where you can get a drink!
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An Arctic refuge pop-up is headed to DC.

Travel To The Arctic Without Leaving Home

A new pop-up is headed to D.C.!
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Tickets may increase in D.C.

This Is Why You're Getting More Parking Tickets In D.C.

Parking tickets are on the rise.
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Washington has offically dropped down on the list of best places to retire.

D.C. Has Fallen Down The List Of Best Places To Retire

Living in Washington, D.C. isn't as appealing as it once was for retirees. A new ranking of U.S. cities carried out by U.S. News and World Report shows that The District has dropped 22 spaces on the list of best places to retire. D.C. ranked at number 12 on the 2019 list and is now 34 on the 2020...
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DC is for coffee lovers.

Washington DC Is One Of The Top Cities For Coffee Lovers

The District ranked number seven in the best coffee cities around the country. Wallet Hub calculated rankings based on 14 metrics including average price per pack of coffee, average price of a cappuccino, average spending on coffee per household, share of adult coffee drinkers, and share of...
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Enjoy pop-up parks in parking spaces.

Parking Spaces Across DC Will Be Transformed Into Pop-Up Parks

The District will host PARK(ing) Day on Friday and welcome residents and businesses to create pop-up parks in parking spaces. Lasting from 9 a.m. until 4p.m., the event will include several locations within all eight wards. Check out locations here. Follow @947thedrive on Twitter and Instagram
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Electric scooters line up on sidewalk in D.C.

Skip Scooter is Banned in D.C. Following Fire

The ban will last 30 days.
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D.C. is not the worst place in the world to bike.

D.C. is Ranked Number 4 Bicycling City in the U.S.

Not too bad!
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WorkChew transforms your favorite cafe into a coworking space.

WorkChew Offers Teleworkers the Perfect Solution to Crowded Coffee Shops

The co-working membership comes with discounts at your favorite D.C. restaurants!
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