Backstreet Boys are coming to the DMV.

The Backstreet Boys Are Headed To Virginia

Backstreet's back! That's right, a world tour is on the way! Read to find tour dates coming to a city near you!
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Listen to the latest sounds from David Bowie's 97 twist on a favorite.

Listen To David Bowie's 'Stay 97'

Anticipating David Bowie's latest EP? Listen to 'Stay 97' right here!
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George Thorogood made Albie's list.

5 '80s Songs That Albie Dee Hopes Won’t Survive Another Decade

These artists produced music that was the sound of the 80s, but Albie says that's where it should've stayed. In other words, here are the top 5 songs of the '80s that Albie Dee says should not make it to 2020. 5. Bad to the Bone - George Thorogood & The Destroyers 4. Mickey - Toni Basil 3. Any...
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Philip Bailey held a master class for D.C. students.

Earth, Wind & Fire's Philip Bailey Holds Special Master Class For Duke Ellington Students

Bailey said it was worth it to share with the youth.
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Study: 78 Minutes of Music a Day Improves Mental Health

There have been been plenty of studies that prove the health benefits of music, but just how much of a daily intake do you need to start reaping the benefites? 78 minutes. A study by the British Academy of Sound Therapy found that listening to music for that amount of time helps maintain good...
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Bob Dylan is trending on Twitter for ranking at 7 on the list.

Rolling Stone's List Of '100 Greatest Singers of All Time' Has Twitter Users Scratching Their Heads

Bob Dylan ranked 7 on the list.
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Kiss takes Michigan.

On This Day In 1975 KISS Invaded Cadillac Michigan

Their music took the town football team from worst to first.
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New music from Prince is all we ever needed.

WATCH: Prince's Estate Releases Official Video For 'Holly Rock'

New music from Prince is all you need!
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Do you remember the Sony Walkman?

The Sony Walkman Turns 40

Way to make us feel old!
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