Washington has offically dropped down on the list of best places to retire.

D.C. Has Fallen Down The List Of Best Places To Retire

Living in Washington, D.C. isn't as appealing as it once was for retirees. A new ranking of U.S. cities carried out by U.S. News and World Report shows that The District has dropped 22 spaces on the list of best places to retire. D.C. ranked at number 12 on the 2019 list and is now 34 on the 2020...
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Mick Jagger Once Said Still Being a Musician at 60 Was ‘Ridiculous’

Mick Jagger may be more like us than we thought. The freshly-turned 76-year-old Rolling Stones frontman started putting money in his retirement pension plan when he was in his 20s. The insight comes from Jagger’s then-accountant Laurence Myers, The Guardian reports. According to Myers, the young...
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