Jack Daniel's Makes Bottled Jack and Cola Drinks for Summer Sippin'

Everyone wants something easy to grab when they head for the great outdoors in the summer heat. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or stretched out on the sand, Jack Daniel’s has the perfect drink for you.
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Starbucks Launches Pink Guava Passionfruit Drink for Summer

Starbucks is welcoming the warmer weather by releasing new summer drinks and food on its menu. The famous coffee company just revealed a Pink Guava Passionfruit drunk for the warmer months.
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This Is the Biggest Mistake People Make When Applying Sunscreen to Their Faces

As the summer approaches, that often means lots of sunscreen for many of us. Experts are now weighing in on how to apply sunscreen to your face the right now.
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Camps Are Hosting Virtual Activities for Children This Summer

A handful of summer camps have pivoted their approach to temporarily provide online programs which offers exhausted parents a bit of reprieve during the summer months. Find out where you can sign up your children.
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Can Coronavirus Spread in Pools?

While the coronavirus crisis still affects the global, having fun this summer may look different this year. Many people may be curious: Can coronavirus spread in pools?
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Natural wines are taking over DC.

4 Natural Wine Hotspots That Will Make You Wish You Tried Them Sooner

Natural wine is taking over the summer. The beverage that pairs well with any cheese platter or candle lit dinner is loved most in its raw state. Natural wine, made from organically grown grapes, is free of any extra tampering by vinyards or sellers. It is fermented with native yeasts and is poured...
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Your local beach could be full of poop.

Something In The Water: Beaches in MD and VA Tested Positive for Fecal Contamination

Contamination from people and animals have made beaches unsafe to swim in for several days.
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The Most Boring Tourist Traps in Each State

( FM 101.9 ) -- It’s the middle of summer road trip season, which means that countless families will be pulling over throughout the country to see a lot of classic destinations. But while it may be tempting to go to certain places just to strike them off the bucket list, you don’t want to find...
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How much money would it take for you to give up Frosé?

You Can Make a Quick $10,000 if You Stop Drinking Frosé

Can you do it?
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The "Lawn" installation allows you to experience your favorite summer activities rain or shine.

The National Building Museum Brings Everything You Love About Summer Indoors

The "Lawn" summer installation will have opportunities for hammock lounging, chasing virtual fireflies and more.
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